Any Suggestions?

Blue Mojito is looking for serious help after the Sixth Circuit turned down her complaint of judicial misconduct for the judge that dismissed her case in 2006. One of the docket filings was lost in the mail when I first decided to lick my wounds and retrieve it after I had recieved a spirited reception from the CIA and several bad run-ins at the airport. When I requested all of the filings of my case from an office otherwise known as Human Resources, it miraculously arrived at my parents' home even though it was addressed to Airdale Lane sans the important first letter of the street address. So much for my poor dog Russia who received a bleeding welt on the top of his nose. My mother and I had left the house to go to this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2009 and came back to encounter a quiet and undisturbed house and a distressed pet after 10:00PM this past Wednesday. I am at a loss for the patience to describe another unsolvable crime scene to local authorities right now. Hopefully, my Craigslist ad might do the job on its own. PLEASE, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.


Mambo No. 5

When I started Marylawn of the Oranges in South Orange, New Jersey, I felt out of place because I had not lived in that area of New Jersey since I was four-years-old. I was not familiar with the slang. I did not know the right clothes to wear and overcoming the trapings of puberty with music videos and gossip was tolled my maturity. No longer thirteen any more, Acme problems have not waned. I am running into friends and family for the first time in my life, and realizing that complete strangers can read them better that I ever would. I can't sing a note for the life of me unless my voice is blended in a choir. I have cousins that can and have been very popular at various times. Here is a musical selection from one. If you can not make it on the guest list, you have to throw your own party!

Club Lonely (Im on the guest list mix) - Lil Louis & The World


I am following Karl Rove and Islamic_Tweets on the social network Twitter for those who may be inclined to ask one of my friends and not me. Even though Karl Rove may not be concerned that the Reliant Energy gas connection in my parent's home has flown south of the border to Mexico, he posts with serial code #TCOT #SGP after each of Tweets and TwitPics on the site. Karl Rove is in Austin, Texas right now and will be appearing on the Glen Beck Show tonight at 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time. Islamic_Tweets posted a Tweet among the other Tweets from sites such as Middle East Online and about whether Islamic worship of Allah allows for adherence to the Christian and Jewish pagan tradition of birthday celebrations. The pagan worship of Artemis must be the latest poor excuse for the ongoing perp walk at Cake Wrecks when Camille's Tricks and Treats and Emily's Big Whopper have disappeared from world wide web circulation. The good fortune bestowed on Samantha's Novel Eats and Dolly Town for twenty-nine years of giggles, moves from New Jersey to Texas and back again, and family hurricane parties must be esteemed honor. Well if that does not fit into the Karl Rove program, a John Daily piece on the Twitter social network might be more appropriate to delve into conversation on "grunter" and "voweler." Check the segment...