First you see me, now you don't. Sad to say the dog days of summer are here. And when I use dog, I mean d-o-g the opposite of G-O-D. I have been bantering away on my wireless laptop for the last few months in the search of ideas and help. If you really wanted to know you may go ahead and read what I submitted for the "Share your Story" comment page on HealthReform.gov.

'I have had a share of very excellent medical doctors in my twenty-something life span. I have had limited experience with membership with health care plans. I believe that the existence of a variety health care plans as opposed employer based gives room for medical patients to seek better options that may not be available otherwise. I was refused a neurological specialist prescribed diagnostic test by the Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield for a problem that was originally diagnosed to be situational and remedied with Ibuprofen. I have still had difficulties with this medical issue and it has only induced persistent lethargy, coughs, flu, and sore throats among other things. Instead of this test, I proceeded with medical doctor prescribed therapy which has included diet changes, herbal supplement usage, and suggestion of hobbies and activities. I believe medical study and support of well-rounded alternative theraputic measures would help alleviate public pain and sickness and regain faith health care, medical insurance, and the physician community.'